March 10, 2010

week in review

We went up to Chris' parents house last weekend. It was a nice relaxing weekend, as usual. Saturday, I decided I wanted to go to the new Babyland General. As a little girl, I LOVED Cabbage Patch Kids and my parents used to take me to the old Babyland General in Cleveland every year. Last year, they built a new, gigantic house about 5 minutes from Charles and Debra's house. It was a nice trip back in time.

not world's best picture, but you can see how big it is...

This week at work has been pretty enjoyable. It is nice to have a normal week finally! Tuesday, I left work around 4:30 and was getting on the interstate for trek across the world when, BAM! I hit a hole in the road so hard it made my windshield wipers come on. Needless to say, I had a blowout and had to pull over. Chris was in Stockbridge, Dad was at work, and I was super annoyed. Luckily, Daddy called Robert and Todd to come to my rescue. Here's a thought... what's the good of knowing how to change a tire if you are not strong enough to get the lugnuts off??

March 3, 2010

Mr. Fantastic

So today at school, a boy in my class said 2 things that made me laugh out loud. He is such a charismatic kid...
I asked him to grab the paintbrush from across the table and he said, "I don't have super stretch arm Mrs. White. I mean, I'm not Mr. Fantastic." I don't know why it was so funny to me, but it was. Later in the day, I was giving my class a pretty firm lecture about taking care of materials (after I found a center set strewn ALL across the floor and lidless markers laying around as well). I was trying to remind them that someone spent money to provide those things for our classroom. I asked them how their parents would feel if their child could not go onto 3rd grade until they paid a bill for damaged materials. The little boy raised his hand, with the most serious expression, and told me, "My parents don't like bills. I think it is something that runs in our family... no one likes getting bills in our whole family." HAHA!

March 2, 2010

Snow Day!!

Oops... I forgot I was going to start blogging! I really am going to try adding this into my routine. I got out of school early because the snow was really coming down in Villa Rica! All my kiddos made it home safe and so did I, so I am going to consider it a success! I was going to use this time wisely and do homework or conference forms, but I snuggled on the couch and watched Law and Order SVU instead.

I have to share this picture Chris took of sweet Winston. He is getting so big! We weighed him last night, and he is up to 33 pounds now. We have really loved having him and he is a great addition to our family.
Needless to say, Chris is the better photographer. I can't ever get him to look at me when I try to take his picture. I have convinced myself that I am just going for the "photojournalistic look"...