July 11, 2010

July so far...

Okay, I've gotten a little behind on my blogging... there has been a lot going on! We spent another fabulous 4th of July up at Charles and Debra's with wonderful friends and family. It was so nice to sit out by the pool and relax with great conversation.
I went to the doctor at 16 weeks and all is well. I met the midwife in the practice and she was very nice. Now I have met everyone who could possibly deliver Baby White. I also got to set my appointment for the 20 week check-up and ultrasound. It is July 29th. Yep, this is when we get to find out if Baby White is a boy or a girl... I can't wait!! We also haven't had an ultrasound since 8 weeks, when the baby looked like a blob, so I am excited to see how much our little one has grown!
My birthday on the 7th was nice and relaxing. I had lunch with my mom and Chris took me to Umi for a yummy hibachi grill dinner. He got me some very thoughtful gifts as well. I am a lucky girl!
This past weekend we went over to the Pittman's for Carter's first birthday. It is amazing how fast this year has gone by and Kristen is such a wonderful mommy! It was fun to watch Carter dive into his smash cake face first. He had blue frosting up his nose, but his hands were spotless!

We also have been continuing to work on combining the office and the guest room. The closets are finished and the future nursery is totally empty except for Chris's computer. We have a nice little office space set up in the guest room now, but the cable isn't run yet so I am using it for my laptop. The new guest room looks pretty nice and I only have a couple thing left to do (fix where the stuff is hung on the walls, get a little TV, etc.).
I do wish the curtains were floor length but these are 98 inches, the longest I could find without taking out a loan. It is just a HUGE window...