October 23, 2010

our stubborn baby girl at 32 weeks

Well, we went today for our 3D ultrasound. It was really awesome to get to see Emily again and see how much she has grown. And when I say grown, I mean it! She is measuring 4 pounds and 12 ounces now, which is in the 69th percentile. We could have a big baby on our hands! As with all of our other ultrasounds, she decided to be stubborn and not let us see much of her face. She had her hands up covering her eyes and kept hiding behind the placenta. We did get a couple of good shots though. We also got a DVD of the whole ultrasound. My favorite part was watching her practice breathing. It was so neat to watch her little tummy move up and down! They let us reschedule again for next week, so we will see if she wants to be any more cooperative then!
You can see 1 side of her face and her little hand covering the other side

Her profile. She is sucking her thumb :o)

This is her skinny little leg and big ol' foot... Looking more like her daddy in this one!